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SPOTLIGHT Shines Light on Sun-Powered Chemistry

SPOTLIGHT Shines Light on Sun-Powered Chemistry

The SPOTLIGHT project, focusing on advancing sunlight-fueled chemistry, is set to showcase groundbreaking developments at ACHEMA. Leveraging the potential of photochemistry, SPOTLIGHT aims to propel the chemical industry towards sustainable practices by harnessing renewable energy sources and eco-friendly feedstocks.

Photochemistry has emerged as a crucial facilitator in the chemical industry’s transition from fossil fuels to sustainable alternatives. While the use of light in chemical reactions dates back to the 18th century, recent innovations in visible light photoredox catalysis have sparked a renaissance in this field. With a focus on minimizing energy consumption and utilizing sunlight directly to power chemical processes, SPOTLIGHT is at the forefront of this transformative movement.

For the production of chemicals and fuels, SPOTLIGHT explores the use of microflow reactors coupled with LED light sources. By capitalizing on the advantages of microflow technology, such as enhanced photon flux and improved heat transfer, SPOTLIGHT aims to streamline reaction times and mitigate the risk of side-product formation.

Additionally, SPOTLIGHT introduces a pioneering approach to the photochemical production of platform chemicals by harnessing the power of sunlight. Through the development of innovative photonic devices and chemical processes, SPOTLIGHT aims to convert CO2 and green H2 into valuable fuels, such as methane and syngas (CO), with implications for the production of chemical fuels like methanol.

At ACHEMA, SPOTLIGHT will present a comprehensive overview of its achievements, highlighting the potential impact on the chemical industry and the energy sector. From the techno-economic viability of sunlight-powered processes to the opportunities for continuous flow chemistry, SPOTLIGHT promises to revolutionize the way we approach sustainable chemical production.

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