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Discover Fraunhofer role at the project: upscaling of the synthesis of catalyst particles

Discover Fraunhofer role at the project: upscaling of the synthesis of catalyst particles

Fraunhofer, based in Germany, is the world’s leading applied research organization. By prioritizing key technologies for the future and commercializing its findings in business and industry, it plays a major role in the innovation process. A trailblazer and trendsetter in innovative developments and research excellence, it is helping shape our society and our future.

Fraunhofer is one of our Consortium members. About his role in the project, while the upscaling of the synthesis of catalyst particles is only a small part of SPOTLIGHT, it still is essential for project success as it ensures the filling of the final catalytic reactor with the material.

Fraunhofer team has successfully upscaled the ruthenium-titania and the gold-titania synthesis routes to the required multi-gram scale while maintaining their physical and chemical properties and most importantly, also their catalytic performances. This task was delivered by step-wise enlarging the batch syntheses and adapting the synthesis and the washing parameters to the demands of larger batch sizes.

From the beginning of the projec their main challenge was to successfully deliver the upscaling task within 8 months, which is a very short time and thus, does not leave much space for mitigations. Thanks to the great collaboration among project partners, Fraunhofer team was able to quickly check the properties of each upscaled batch and were thus able to adapt all necessary parameters and deliver our task on time.

Fraunhofer team explains: “As a research transfer organization, a project like SPOTLIGHT that contributes to energy conversion and more sustainable use of resources is of top priority. Additionally, for closing the gap between university and industry, upscaling processes are a very important task for us. This is why we appreciate increasing our knowhow in this area further”.