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8-9 NOVEMBER The Greener Manufacturing Show 2023

8-9 NOVEMBER The Greener Manufacturing Show 2023

  • The Greener Manufacturing Show is the must-attend event for any sustainability-focused company looking to design and manufacture their products from more sustainable materials, limit and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals, and reduce the impact of their industrial and manufacturing processes on the environment and global climate change. Source the latest technologies and solutions, and find new partners to help achieve all your sustainability targets. The event will take place in Cologne (Germany) the next 8th and 9th of November.

    Our project coordinator TNO leads the moderation of the panel discussion about “Photochemistry as key enabler for a sustainable chemical industry” . In the panel discussion we will highlight the potential of photochemistry for the production of fine/specialty chemicals, platform chemicals and synthetic fuels.

    Photochemistry can be an important enabler in the transition of the chemical industry from fossil-based to sustainable energy and feedstocks.

    In the panel discussion TNO and the rest of the members will highlight the potential of the implementation of photochemical processes as sustainable alternative for the chemical industry from a variety of perspectives; they will start with a general overview of the topic, presenting recent developments in the framework of the H2020 SPOTLIGHT project;  they will discuss the potential impact for chemical industry and the energy sector, the techno-economic viability, the opportunities for introducing photochemistry in fine chemistry using continuous flow processes and the opportunities for the high-tech industry, e.g. in terms of the development of auxiliary equipment (artificial lighting, concentrator devices and sensing).


    Moderation: TNO

    General overview: TNO

    Techno-economics: TNO/University Amsterdam

    Green feedstocks: EPFL/ACEA (?)

    Fine chemistry: Chemtrix/University of Amsterdam

    Auxiliary equipment: Signify/DLR

    We look forward to seeing you in The Greener Manufacturing Show 2023!